When it comes to sport, we’d all love a secret weapon – an edge over our competitors.

Whether you’re a dancer, gymnast, basketball, netball, hockey or football player, a runner, CrossFitter, swimmer, golfer, triathlete – in fact any sport! – physiotherapy can be your greatest secret weapon.

There is a high level of awareness regarding physiotherapy’s use for treating pain and prevent future injuries, however, it can also be used to prepare athletes bodies for demanding sports activities.

Better and stronger throws, faster running and higher power are just a few of the advantages physiotherapy can provide athletes.

In fact, physiotherapy can be the difference between a great athlete and a champion.

Physiotherapy improves athletic abilities, contributes to injury prevention, and increases awareness of the way an athlete needs to use the body for better performance.

How will physiotherapy help me reach my peak performance?

Learning to prevent sports-related injuries is the first step in increasing an athlete’s performance and abilities – a ‘pulled’ muscle or ‘sprained’ ligament results in time and effort spent on recovery instead of training, competing and improving performance.

As experts on the human body and movement, our physiotherapists are experienced in sports physiotherapy and working with elite athletes in a wide range of sporting fields.

    We work closely with you to understand what your sports performance goals are and what’s holding you back from reaching your next personal best.

    At Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury we have a state of the art computerised testing system – AxIT – to give our athletic patients a competitive edge.

    AxIT can be used to determine strength imbalances and weaknesses; compare left and right sides; and can give an indication of biomechanic dysfunctions such as knee ‘wobble’ with landings or uneven dispersion of load with jumping.

    Using this cutting edge measuring system, our physiotherapists can create a comprehensive and targeted plan of action to hyper your performance and get you to the peak of your abilities. Find out more about the AxIT system here.

    Going to a physiotherapist is easily the best decision an athlete can make to make their body truly the best it can be. If you’re an athlete who wants to prevent injury, improve body mechanics and therefore maximise your performance come and talk to us at Aspire today.

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