Did you know that up to 50% of work-related injuries could have been prevented?

Our experienced physiotherapists create work injury prevention programs to create a safer work environment for your staff.

In order to create this program, calculate the risks of the job or duty, we begin by gaining a clear understanding of the job and the physical demands your worker/s will face.

At Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury we go through a Task Analysis process (for a single duty) or a Job Dictionary (all duties involved with a job) in order to get a comprehensive look at the physical demands (movements involved, postures and exposure) a specific task or job requires from the employee.

We use the cutting technology of the AxIT system to understand how the worker’s strength and capacity matches the physical demands of the job. By doing so we can investigate and create the right plan and ensure a safer work situation.

This provides important information to manage an employee’s work load in order to reduce the risk of injury, as well as determine, in case of an injury, what duties or tasks your employee can perform, according to the severity of the injury and their rehabilitation process.

Pre-Employment Screening

Getting the right information regarding a prospective employee and their physical abilities by conducting a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) at the outset can save you a lot of time and trouble in the future.

Putting a prospective employee through a thorough assessment and analysis for their potential job role will lessen the likelihood of a work-related injury and ensure that the worker is physically ready to undertake their job.

We are able to use any FCE or screening program or document you have but we also have our own which can be adapted to a number of physical or sedentary roles. We’ll even create a specific one for your business if you would like!

Injury prevention strategies are the best means by which companies can protect their employees and maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

Our Physiotherapists have extensive experience in managing work related injuries – but more importantly in preventing them in the first place.

We also use cutting technology, the AxIT system, to gain real-time actionable data to create the right prevention plans and the safety and awareness of your workforce.

We have a number of prevention strategies to help you protect your workers and reduce the risk of injury in order to maintain a happy, healthy workforce that can perform at their best.

Ergonomic Assessment identifies hazards at work

After conducting a detailed assessment of your work place (e.g. office, car, production floor), we provide an education session to you and your staff on ergonomic principles, findings, and strategies to manage and minimise risks.

Targeted Manual Handling training sessions tailored for your workplace

Taking into account the specific characteristics of manual tasks relevant to your workplace we relate how these tasks put load and stress on the body.

We show how this can result in certain musculoskeletal injuries, the early signs and symptoms to look out for and what strategies to implement to reduce the risk.

Onsite Physiotherapy Clinics

This includes onsite management of work-related, as well as non-work-related injuries in the workplace.

Through early detection and effective management, a great deal of injuries can be handled without requiring sick leave for recovery.

We work together with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) officers onsite to ensure the best measures are being applied.

Don’t wait to take action only when injuries happen, start a preventative approach and reduce the chance of injury by protecting your workforce in partnership with Aspire.

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