Getting our clients safely back to work is our top priority

Most of the time, injured workers require a comprehensive rehabilitation program to make sure that when they return to normal duties they can meet the physical demands of the job.

Our physiotherapists create a rehabilitation program suited to the needs of the specific client and based on graded activity, aimed at slowly rebuilding strength, flexibility and function according to the patient’s level of function.

Using the AxIT system we can create the best plan for your worker to help get them back to health and make a full recovery. 

Part of this process is to identify any factors, such as fear of movement, muscle weakness, reduced range of motion, tissue irritability and maladaptive coping strategies or beliefs, that hold back the client from engaging in their rehabilitation and recovery process.

At our clinic we use cutting edge technology to assess and monitor recovery and have a designated special rehabilitation area, designed to assist in the functional rehabilitation of injuries and help our clients improve their health.

To monitor the client’s progress, as well as to determine their capacity to meet the physical demands of their work duties, we conduct Functional Capacity Evaluations to determine the client’s abilities as well as limitations.

At the end of the day our goal is to help workers return to their full normal duties, gradually and safely.

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