Lymphoedema is a condition where a part of the body swells because the body can’t drain fluid in the lymphatic system fast enough

The Lymphatic system is the body’s garbage disposal, fluid moves around the body and picks up ‘out of place’ cells and either processes them for disposal or returns them to the right location.

The lymphatic system can be compromised temporarily, such as swelling with an ankle sprain, and then recover or can be permanently damaged where the lymphatic system can no longer process ‘the garbage’ fast enough.

Lymphoedema often occurs from chronic illnesses such as diabetes or as a side effect from cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, there is not yet a cure for Lymphoedema but there are continually developing management strategies including compression wear and lymph drainage treatment, which our Senior Physiotherapist Pia Jorgensen is trained and experienced in administering.

Compression Wear: Garment Fitting

Compression garments for lymphoedema are the most important component of management.

These garments must be individually fitted to give you the best possible graded compression to control your symptoms.

Garment fitting is a little more of an art than a science and Pia is committed to trying to get every patient the best possible fit.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a specialised form of massage used to help stimulate your lymphatic system when it is compromised.

Pia is trained in the Dr Vodder method, which aims at stimulating your working lymphatic system, and bypassing compromised sections of the lymph system.

These techniques work only temporarily.

They help you feel better and reduce the swelling in a limb to fit comfortably into a garment.

MLD can also be used for Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune diseases and may other conditions.

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With the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic the world is facing an uncertain and challenging time. As your healthcare partner, we understand and share the concern and anxiety you may feel about the Covid-19 virus in Bunbury, WA, Australia and globally.

Luckily WA has done extremely well and restrictions are slowly being eased. We have been able to restart our exercise classes, with stringent cleaning and disinfection procedures in place to mitigate any infection risk and ensure your health and wellbeing. 

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