Pain has a physical and a psychological component – and it’s important we treat the source of pain on both of these levels.

Pain can be acute – like when you stub your big toe or chronic and persistent – like when you suffer day-in and day-out from lower back pain.

Many people with persistent pain have tried a multitude of different therapies and interventions aimed at getting rid of the pain.

Unfortunately, along the way they often have become less and less active, wasting away muscle resulting in weakness, fatigue and potentially causing other injuries, or secondary injury.
A lack of movement through fear of harm can actually have a devastating impact on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing resulting in a downward spiral of more pain and even less mobility.

With a Masters in Medicine (Pain Management) our principal physiotherapist Tyne Timmers has introduced a holistic approach to chronic pain management at our clinic.

This is informed by psychology to provide a unique biopsychosocial approach to both the assessment and treatment of chronic pain.

By identifying the origins of pain and disability and potential barriers to rehabilitation, this evidence-based approach consistently delivers superior outcomes for our clients in comparison with a solely biomedical approach typical of most physical practitioners.


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