At Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury we are dedicated to helping our clients to be the best they can be by helping them achieve their health and performance goals. We are a local business and we are committed to helping our local community.

As a reflection of this we are looking to partner with local sports people to support them in pursuit of their sporting goal.

We offer up to a total of 2 junior (12-18) and 2 senior (18+) sponsorships each year.

The Aspiring Athlete Sponsorship Program is developed to help athletes achieve the best they can be through:

  • Access better and faster physiotherapy services.
  • In-depth injury risk and performance screening with the help of our state of the art AxIT system.
  • Strength and conditioning program adjusted to the needs of the athlete.
  • Guidance with the recovery process.

Who are we looking for?

The Aspiring Athlete Sponsorship Program is open to athletes of all sports and sporting ability. You do have to reside in the Greater Bunbury area. You don’t have to be playing at an elite level to qualify for this sponsorship program. We know that sporting dreams can vary far and wide, so whether you are aiming to run your first (halve) marathon; represent your state in your chosen sport, or perhaps compete in your first solo dance; this sponsorship may be for you.

What we are looking for are individuals that are passionate about their chosen sport, committed to improve in their chosen sport, a willingness to challenge themselves and have a desire to take their performance to the next level. Our team of expert physiotherapists will provide you the support to help you maximise your full potential.

What does the program offer?

  • Have access to first class physiotherapy treatment, injury prevention strategies and recovery modalities Gap free (if you have private health insurance), or at 50% discounted rate (if you don’t have private health insurance)
  • 4 Performance and Injury Risk screen with our state of the art AxIT system
  • 4 Individual Exercise and Rehabilitation sessions
  • 10 Physiotherapy Exercise Rehabilitation classes
  • Aspire Branded Training Shorts, Shirt and Cap
  • Coverage of your journey on our Website and Social Media

Total value > $1750

What do we expect from you?

  • Willingness to partake and benefit from state of the art assessment technology aimed at helping you achieve your best 
  • Maintain good communication with the Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury team
  • Keep us updated on your upcoming events / competitions
  • Tag Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury in any Facebook and Instagram post relevant to your sport and your time with us
  • Wear you Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury gear to training / events when possible
  • Be an ambassador for our brand, spread the love of Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury so we can help others perform well and stay injury free.
  • Give permission for us to cover your sporting journey on our website / social media channels.

Other bits to know

  • The sponsorship will run for a 12 month period from the date it is awarded
  • Successful applicants have the option to re-apply for the sponsorship at the end of the 12 months (maximum of three years)
  • Current application period will close on the 31st of March 2020, so make sure you complete the form before this date to be considered

Click on the link below to complete the application form, or for more information email:


If interested click here to complete application form.

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Covid-19/Coronavirus update


With the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic the world is facing an uncertain and challenging time. As your healthcare partner, we understand and share the concern and anxiety you may feel about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Bunbury, WA, Australia and globally.

At Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury the health and wellbeing of our clients and staff is always our highest priority.

To ensure we can continue to offer the high-quality physiotherapy service our clients have become accustomed to, we are taking additional infection control measures to mitigate the risk of infection. The systems we have put in place are guided by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (our professional body) and the Department of Health, and will be monitored and updated accordingly as the pandemic evolves inline with their recommendations.

As a relatively small practice, the number of people we interact with is limited and considered low-volume. We have cancelled our group rehabilitation and pilates sessions and have spread out our appointment times to minimise the congregation of people and allow for our disinfection procedures between appointments. Clients have the option to wait in their car and be notified once the physiotherapist is available (simply phone us upon arrival).

As part of our infection control system we ask our clients to contact us by phone / email to reschedule their appointment if any of the following apply:

  • Symptoms including fever, flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue and/or shortness of breath.
  • Recent travel (within 14 days of the scheduled appointment). 
  • Been in contact with person with confirmed Coronavirus in the last 14 days.

Please be vigilant, and if unsure please contact us before attending your appointment.

Thank you for your trust and support as we continue to keep our focus on the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

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