Risk Assessment

To be able to ascertain the risks involved with a certain job or duty, it is important to have a clear understanding of the physical demands involved with this job. At Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury we can conduct a Task Analysis (for a single duty) or a Job Dictionary (all duties involved with a job) to exactly describe and analyse the physical demands (movements involved, postures and exposure) a certain task or job puts on the employee. This provides important information to manage an employee’s physical load to reduce the risk of injury, as well as determine what alternative duties would be suitable if the employee has sustained an injury.

Pre-employment Screening / Functional Capacity Evaluation

An in-depth assessment and analysis of a client’s current functional capacity is valuable to determine how this is matched to the physical demands of their (prospective) job. Our physiotherapists are experienced in conducting functional capacity evaluations, and we ensure that they are relevant and closely matched to the relevant job.

If the outcome of the pre-employment or functional capacity evaluation reveals that the employee does not meet the demands of the job, we can compose a comprehensive and targeted conditioning program to assist the client achieving the required standard.

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