Our premises have a specialised rehabilitation area, especially designed to assist in the functional rehabilitation of injuries.

Often injured workers require a comprehensive rehabilitation program to ensure that on return to normal duties they can meet the physical demands of the job.

Injuries, ongoing pain, as well as fear of movement can all contribute to a period of inactivity, and consequently deconditioning. Our physiotherapists develop a rehabilitation program suited to the needs of the individual and based on graded activity, aimed at slowly rebuilding strength, flexibility and function. Part of this process is to identify any factors, such as fear of movement, maladaptive coping strategies or beliefs, that prevent the client from engaging in their rehabilitation and recovery journey. Our approach is collaborative, so we work closely together with other healthcare professionals and other stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for our client.

To monitor the client’s progress, as well as to determine their capacity to meet the physical demands of the available duties, we conduct Functional Capacity Evaluations to determine the client’s abilities as well as limitations.

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