Physiotherapy is a highly respected evidence-based healthcare profession.

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Physiotherapists are experts in movement; we analyse, restore and help you maintain movement and function.

At Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury we have a team of highly experienced and regarded physiotherapists that pride themselves on offering you the highest quality physiotherapy care to help you regain your health and achieve your goals.

Our physiotherapists are experienced in dealing with a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and aches and pain. So whether you are a high level athlete, a weekend warrior, suffering from osteoarthritis or experiencing growing pains, our physiotherapists offer genuine and individualised care to help you with your pain and injury.

Our physiotherapists use evidence-based treatment methods to help speed up your recovery process and get you back performing to the best of your ability. We use a combination of hands-on treatment methods, such as Mobilisation, Massage and Dry Needling, with Exercise Prescription and education to assist you in your recovery.

Our facility has a specifically designed rehabilitation area, as well as a Clinical Pilates studio to offer you a wide range of in-house rehabilitation options, such as individually supervised rehabilitation sessions or Clinical Pilates, as well as in a group setting. For more detailed information see Exercise Rehabilitation.

We clearly explain the injury and contributing factors to you and offer you a pathway and strategy to help you regain your health and help you achieve your goals. We offer integrated care, which means that we work closely together with other professionals (e.g. your GP) involved in your care to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Why Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury?

We provide expert treatment for various conditions including:

  • Upper & Lower Back Pain, Sciatica
  • Head & Neck Pain including Tension Headaches & Cervicogenic headaches
  • Shoulder Pain, Injury & or Pre/Post-Surgery
  • Postural Correction
  • Hip & Knee pain
  • Joint discomfort such as Foot, Knee, Ankle, Wrist or Elbows
  • Overuse-type injuries such as “Tennis Elbow”, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Shin Splints
  • Jaw Pain / Clenching/ TMJ
  • Sporting Injuries – from acute (e.g. Ankle Sprains) to prolonged (e.g. Groin Soreness)
  • Pre & Post Surgery – all Orthopaedic, Spinal & many other
  • Pre & Post Pregnancy – e.g. Pelvic Pain, Back Pain, Stomach Muscle Separation

We will get you feeling your best as soon as possible and help you stay that way. Click below to make a Physiotherapy appointment online now or call us on 08 9770 1107.

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