Physiotherapists are experts at helping you recover from your injury and pain. Our approach is targeted at eliminating pain and optimising movement and performance.

Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury offers Rehabilitation Exercise Classes specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. Whether this is to optimize your recovery process following an injury; keep your arthritic joints mobile and pain free; improve you balance; improve your sport performance, or reduce your risk of injury. We are here to help you achieve your exercise, fitness and health goals. Because your Rehabilitation Exercise Program is specifically tailored to your needs, it is suitable for all ages, sizes, abilities as well as injury phases.

Safety first

In the class you will complete your individual program under close supervision from our experienced staff. Through a process of re-assessment we ensure that your exercises are at the correct intensity and level to ensure we optimise your benefits.

An environment that facilitates recovery and performance

Our well equipped rehabilitation area has state of the art equipment, especially designed to help you recover from injury and pain faster, and get you moving and feeling great.

Pilates inspired exercises are often part of your exercise routine. Our reformers and trapeze table are custom made to our specification right here in WA. We have a high quality Life Fitness Functional Trainer (Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable Machine), which offers great flexibility and allows for a large range of exercises to help you improve your strength.

Our Cross Over Symmetry system enables a comprehensive shoulder rehabilitation exercises proven to eliminate pain and optimise performance. We also have the Cross Over Symmetry Hip Halo’s to offer a wide range of hip and core exercises. The medically-designed Hip Halo System quickly primes your body to perform your best each day while also developing strength and stability for long term health and performance.

How do I start Physiotherapy Exercise and Rehabilitation Program?

  1. Prior to commencing your individual program you will need a comprehensive assessment. Your physiotherapist will assess your injury history and current fitness level, then design and closely supervise an exercise program tailored to your specific needs. This exercise program will include movements to tone and strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility and improve your movement control. All within the limits of your comfort.
  2. Following the assessment, we will have a number of 1-on-1 sessions (total number required depends on your individual situation), until both you and the physiotherapist feel you are familiar with your exercise program.  After this you will join our Exercise class, where we continue to assist you to ensure you meet your exercise goals.
  3. At set intervals, normally 3 months, we conduct a comprehensive re-assessment to ensure you continue to experience the optimal benefits of your sessions.

Why Join our Physiotherapy Exercise and Rehabilitation Program?

People join our Physiotherapy Exercise and Rehabilitation Program classes for many different reasons.

Some examples:


Recovering from an injury can be a daunting experience; not knowing where to start, feeling like the road is endless, or being frustrated that you can’t participate in the sport that you love. The exercise classes at Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury are an amazing, and safe, avenue to get you back on your feet after any injury.

Our state of the are facilities and equipment make the rehabilitation journey easier. Our custom made Pilates equipment is specifically designed to support you to move through a range of motions that otherwise might illicit pain or fear when returning from an injury. This enables us to offer exercises that target specific areas, or muscles (e.g. core muscles), without overloading other areas. So this helps you to recover as quickly as possible while keeping you moving and active.

Optimise your Health and Well-being

Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury’s exercise classes are an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in optimising their health and well-being. The combination of our physiotherapists’ expert skills and knowledge and the equipment and facilities available at our Bunbury premises, are the perfect canvas for you to reach your exercise and health goals. Our physios have extensive experience in the management, including prevention, of many chronic conditions, such as:

  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Chronic low back pain;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Persistent pain;
  • Obesity, among many more.

Sports Specific

Our exercise classes offer great versatility and is a fantastic avenue to enable your return to sport following an injury. At Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury we can individually target your sport with our exercise classes, for example:

  • Increasing thoracic rotation for a golf swing;
  • Increasing hamstring length for a kicking leg;
  • Improving stability of a support leg;
  • Improving upper limb weight bearing for an aerial athlete;
  • Foot, ankle and lower leg strengthening for a dancer or basketball player;
  • Shoulder control for an overhead athlete;
  • Preparation and pre-habilitation for a new or more advance skill.

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