Exercise rehabilitation is a key component of the physiotherapy treatment for many conditions.

This is relevant for a wide spectrum of people, so whether you are a new mother struggling with back pain, a high-level athlete suffering from an overload injury, or someone with persistent pain that stops you from working; Exercise Rehabilitation will be an important part of your treatment to help you achieve your goals.

Exercise Rehabilitation is used to effectively help injured workers return to the workforce, help people recover following surgery, and help people with arthritis to be able to stay active.

Everyone is unique, which means that everyone will require a unique approach that will match their abilities and needs. At Aspire Physiotherapy Bunbury we attach great importance to tailoring your exercise rehabilitation (as well as the rest of your physiotherapy treatment) specifically to you.

Our physiotherapists have specific skills that allow them to develop an approach suited to your needs. All our physiotherapists have completed specific functional strength and conditioning courses (KLT, Kinetic Link Training, Tyne and Pia are accredited KLT coaches), whereas Ben has completed additional Functional Movement Screen (FMS) training along with CrossFit Mobility training.

The first step in restoring movement, improving strength, flexibility and function is identifying the issues and barriers that may be preventing you from achieving this. After this, the physiotherapist will design a specific program with you aimed at overcoming the barriers and addressing the issues identified.

This can involve exercises aimed at improving strength, flexibility and conditioning; but it also may address other reasons that stop you from moving, e.g. a fear of re-injuring yourself, or causing further damage.

Our approach is aimed at improving function, which means that the exercises specifically address the issues you experience in day to day life; this may be at work, during sport, or at home. The aim is to make these activities easier and pain free, this allows you to live an active life again to the fullest of your potential.

An Exercise Rehabilitation program is always tailored to the needs of the individual, and often the exercises can be completed at home, or in a gym environment. We also offer Pilates, which enables clients to complete their individual program under supervision of one of our experienced physiotherapists, utilising our custom designed rehabilitation area.

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